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    Essential Oil Specialist


    We can come up with a plan to help you/loved ones improve your health and wellness and decrease toxins in your life.


    To become an Essential Oil Specialist I took a course by top leading professionals including physicians. The course educated on pure vs synthetic essential oils. Why is 3rd party testing so important? Also, basic essential oil chemistry, helps me better explain why particular essential oils have the effect that they do on different individuals.


    I can answer some clarification questions in a quick 15-minute Q&A.


    If you have more in-depth questions please have them written down and submitted ahead of time so that I can have an idea of your needs and will have more time dedicated to you.


    If you are thinking about opening a doTERRA account and do so during our session the fees are waived, and the education is a part of your membership.


    15-minute Q&A free

    30 minutes $40

    60 minutes $80

    90 minutes $120



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