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Living in a state of constant stress can also take its toll on libido.


This is because of that pesky stress hormone cortisol. Just as this hormone is responsible for suppressing other functions, it also suppresses a desire for sexual activity. Let’s face it, if we are being hunted down by a lion or about to be in a head-on collision, sex is probably going to be the last thing on our mind.


In a true fight-or-flight situation, it can be helpful to have the sex drive temporarily put on hold so that other systems can be amped up and ready to go to help us. However, when too much cortisol is released during times when we are overly stressed about things like finances, work, or other non-life-threatening situations, having this system put on hold may do more harm than good to our survival.


This is because engaging in healthy sexual activity can counteract the effects of stress and work to promote a natural state of calm and heightened sense of well-being.


Fortunately, in addition to taking the right steps to reduce cortisol levels in the system and effectively manage stress, there are natural solutions to give your libido a quick boost when needed. Those natural solutions include the following Essential Oils:


• Frankincense

• Rose

• Jasmine

• Sandalwood

• Ylang Ylang

• Grapefruit

• Lavender

• Myrrh


You can combine some of these oils to create the roller bottle recipe blend below.




• 10 Drops Sandalwood

• 10 Drops Ylang Ylang

• 5 Drops Frankincense

• 5 Drops Lavender


These light, floral scents combined with grounding, woody aromas work in harmony to create a romantic and warm blend sure to re-ignite any flame. Enjoy!


NOTE: Did you know that you can take an entire Class on the subject of ESSENTIAL OILS IN THE BEDROOM? Ask for details if interested.