• Bodywork with Fasciablasting & Cupping

    by An

    Occupational Therapist


    Hello everyone and thank you for checking out this page.


    $100.00 per 1 hour session (an additional hour is +$100). Package of 10 $950.00


    Additional +25 for Symphony of the Cells Protocols


    with Reiki $145 per 1-hour session or Package of 10 $1400.00


    Fasciablasting Only- 2 hours @ 200 per session


    I have been an Occupational Therapist since 1996. I have been using the fasciablaster on myself since 2014 when Ashley Black first began.
    I have pretty much every tool that she has invented and love them all for different reasons.The videos on this page are some of my favorites. I began fasciablasting because I was always in pain from my sciatic nerve, from my hip to my toes. Nonstop 24/7. I could not get any relief. This along with cupping has been a huge relief for me.
    The other reason was my scar tissue for 2 C-sections. I know that the scar tissue is adhered to the second incision under my skin at my abdomen, possibly along with organs. I know that this is part of my pain. Our fascia is throughout our bodies, around every muscle fiber. Every time we have a scar for whatever reason our fascia becomes compromised. Every time we trip, walk into something, or cut ourselves we are causing trauma to our fascia.


    As we age our bodies produce less and less collagen, the fasciablasters help our bodies produce more collagen. The reason we have "bruising" with fasciablasting, and you will have bruising, it still happens to me, is because it is bringing oxygen and blood flow to areas that did not have the oxygen and blood flowing properly prior to fasciablasting. I do not bruise like I used to. My husband would say to me "So you have been blasting again"? around my C-section scar. Now I bruise around there occasionally. If I have neglected an area for a while I will have more bruising. The facial one you do not bruise, but you also have to be gentle on the face and neck. I use the OMG facial system for the whole body. I definitely have favorites. I also do not recommend buying and using them without fully researching them and understanding how they work. I can help you on that journey if you are interested, I love educating on the health of our bodies.


    I began cupping in 2021 and love to incorporate that into my body work along with fascia work. Cupping and fasciablasting, to me, go hand in hand. I do not do traditional massage. As an occupational therapist, I focus on areas of the body that are causing the most issues and the areas that you are compensating. I have taken several different cupping courses, one through the massage school here in town and the other from a Chiropractor specifically for therapists. Keep an eye out for some blog posts about occupational therapy, fasciablasting, cupping, and infrared lights.


    This will give your body the most relief. I also use an infrared light throughout the entire session.
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