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  • What I do...

    Hi! I am so excited that you are on this page! As you may know my name is Karie Hammond. I have been an occupational therapist, a Reiki Master and Yoga instructor for over 20+ years and am finishing up my clinical aromatherapy certification. As an occupational therapist I love to help people be their best body, mind, and soul. I also work with children that have sensory integration concerns, handwriting, and fine motor concerns. I have been a school therapist for 4 years now and love helping children increase their abilities to have legible handwriting. I have worked with people with sensory concerns for the last 8 years and have several assessments that help come up with a plan to help integrate their sensory system.

  • Services Offered:

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    $80.00 per hour

    as an add on to body work $30.00

    I began Reiki as a way to help center myself. Also to help myself with pain that I was having in my lower back and ribs. Many times I incorporate Reiki into my other services to increase the effectiveness of the services.

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    Body Work including cupping and fasciablasting

    $200.00 per 2 hour session. Package of 10 $1850.00

    with Reiki $250 per 2 hour session or Package of 10 $2350.00

    I began cupping in 2021 and love to incorporate that into my body work along with fascia work. Cupping and fasciablasting, to me, go hand in hand. I do not do traditional massage. As an occupational therapist I focus on areas of the body that are causing the most issues and the areas that you are compensating. This will give your body the most relief. I also use an infrared light for the entire session.

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    Occupational Therapy services

    Evaluation $200

    $80 per hour

    5 sessions $350

    10 sessions $700

    Handwriting, assessments, report writing, sensory integration, education.

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    Private Yoga

    10 sessions $600

    I design the lessons around your abilities and what your body needs. There is no forcing of any movement. All of my teachers have been Anusara inspired and that is where I teach from, it is the most aligned with occupational therapy and the holistic approach to healing the body.

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    Aromatherapy Consultation

    15 minute Q&A free

    30 minutes $40

    60 minutes $70

    90 minutes $100

    I can answer questions that you cannot find on this website in a quick 15 minute Q&A. If you have more indept questions please have them written down and submit them to me ahead of time so that I have an idea of your needs and will have more time dedicated to you.

    If you are thinking about opening an account and do during our session the fees are waived, the education is part of your membership.

    We can come up with a plan to help you/loved ones improve your health and wellness and decrease toxins in your life.

  • When you join me on your journey you will also receive:

    Once you receive your products that we customize for you we will go over how to use them together

    Weekly emails that go over ways to use your account

    Monthly classes

    A book to help get you started on your journey

    Access to our social media groups for more support

    Access to the members only section of the website for free otherwise it is $5 a month

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