• Symphony Of the Cells- Boyd Truman


    Essential Oil Protocols

    Boyd has educated us on how these essential oil protocols work with the different systems of the body to assist the body in working optimally.


    The protocols typically have 10 essential oils in them, the protocols are easy to apply and the effects can last for several days.


    I have had great success adding them in at the end of a massage or on their own. I have a client with Aspergers Syndrome and there are a few that help him integrate his sensory system and ground him. He notices a difference after each session.


    I have another one that has neuropathy in both feet, after bodywork with the fasciablaster and cupping we end with the neurological protocol and she is able to feel her feet a bit more. The edema in her feet is down, when we started you could not see her ankles.


    Lastly, I use the protocols for myself and my family. The kids and/or my husband will do the protocols for me. They are great for immunity, allergies, the nervous system, the digestive system, and so many other systems.


    Symphony of the Cell only takes around 5 minutes, add it to another service for $25


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