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    Certified Yoga Instructor since 2002

    I will be teaching at Yavapai College starting Spring Semester 2024


    I have studied yoga since 1999, I took the certification course in 2001-2002. I love using yoga to strengthen the body and increase flexibility. It can also deepen one's spiritual practice. I love to use the yoga oils during class and with meditation.


    I design the lessons around your abilities and what your body needs. There is no forcing of any movement. All of my teachers have been Anusara-inspired and that is how I teach, it is the most aligned with occupational therapy and the holistic approach to healing the body.


    Right now I am teaching a Chakra yoga class while my friend Cat Rousseau plays the Sound Bowls. It is an amazing class.

    In each class we start with doTERRA essential oils for the Chakras, you pick what you need for that day.


    Next, we focus on balancing all of the Chakras, listening to AMAZING sound bowls, learning more about each Chakra and how it affects our daily lives, and then we end with an INCREDIBLE tea ceremony by Cat. She grows the Chakra tea herbs in her garden, (she is a horticulturist by trade)!


    Come join us on Tuesday nights from 6-7:15 pm for more information check check out this link, we will update it as classes are added/changed.



    Please come, even if you have never done any yoga at all, this class is for all levels of ability and flexibility. If you have your own yoga supplies please bring them, we have a few extras (blocks, pillow, blanket, strap)


    See you in class!~


    I am so blessed to be teaching this class with Cat!


    Private yoga-only classes starting at $80 an hour to add Sound Bowl would be additional

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